Tomato Types By Climate

The biggest differentiating factor of tomatoes types if the climate you plan to grow them in. Here is a list of some of the most common and popular tomato varieties by climate:

Cool Climates

These tomato types tend to mature faster to produce their tomatoes in the shorter warm harvest periods of cool climates.

Tomato Type




Ailsa Craig Mid Medium Red
Apollo Early Medium Pink
Black Prince Mid Medium Purple
Black Russian Early Medium Purple
Cosmonaut Volkov Red Mid Big Red
Gregoris Altai Late Big Pink
Harbringer Early Medium Red
Legend Early Medium Red
Nepal Mid Medium Red
Oxheart Red Early Big Red
Valencia Mid Medium Orange

Warm Climates

These tomatoes types are often more heat tolerant, but are still best-planted towards the end of summer as the temperature drops for best effects on the flavor.

Tomato Type




Amelia Mid Medium Red
Arkansas Traveller Late Medium Pink
Floradade Mid Medium Red
Georgia Streak Late Big Yellow
Grape Tomato Early Small Red
Homestead 24 Late Medium Red
Moneymaker Late Medium Red
Red Cherry Mid Small Red
Ruby Mid Small Red
Thessaloniki Mid Medium Red
Zapotec Late Big Red

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes are greatly valued in the tomato-growing world. They are most often called ‘Family Heirloom Tomatoes’ as they are seeds passed down through the generations of tomato growers in a single family, bred, selected and kept for their special qualities and the kings of tomato seeds.

As the weaker traits of tomatoes are bred out these tomatoes can guarantee juicier, tastier tomatoes that are often more resistant to pests and disease and frost. With the family tradition dying out over the generations heirloom tomatoes tend to be rarer these days and are therefore even more highly valued. If you care enough about growing tomatoes you can begin your own line of heirloom tomato seeds by carefully cultivating the seeds from your hardiest and most successful plants.

Indeterminate And Determinate Tomatoes

A broad categorization between tomato types is whether they are determinate or indeterminate types. The difference between them is that determinate tomato plants are generally bred to grow to a limited size, not more than about 4 feet high. For this reason once they are also known as bush tomatoes, and once they reach their full height their fruits ripen and soon after they die.

Indeterminate tomatoes are also known as vining tomatoes, because they will live much longer, growing the whole time until they are killed by frost or other factors. They will also continue to bloom and produce fruit for their lifetimes. And much like grape vines, indeterminate tomato plants require a great deal of support, wiring, staking or caging to direct their growth and allow they the greatest crop of tomatoes. Although this depends on individual tomato plant types within this category.

They tend to grow up to 10 feet tall, are stronger and longer lasting and produce far greater crops. They also require more care, support, watering and space. Determinate plants as mentioned rarely exceed 4 feet in height. And they tend to expand outwards more than upwards. The tomatoes mature much more rapidly a plant’s crop will ripen all at once. They are less expensive and easier to care for and therefore the more popular tomato type for smaller-scale home growers.

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