Essential Guidelines to Growing Tomatoes In Pots

Your choice of tomato pots and tomato containers makes a great deal of difference in the success of your tomato plants. Find the right pot for the ideal growing environment for huge, beautiful, mouth-watering tomatoes. If you choose rightly there’s no reason why you can’t grow just as awesome tomatoes in a pot as if you grew it in the ground.

Choosing the Right Pot Is Key

It’s even more popular today to grow tomatoes in pots. One key is choosing a large pot to give the plant’s roots ample area to grow. The more roots a tomato plant has the more nutrients it can suck up and give to your tomatoes. Bigger is better and wider is better when it comes to tomato pots.

A standard terracotta pot is a very popular choice for tomatoes, with a foot diameter at least. Although it doesn’t make too much difference what the pot is made from. You just need room for lots of roots, and decent drainage holes in the bottom. When you are preparing the soil put a layer of stones and rocks in the bottom to keep the holes from getting clogged up.

A Secret Ingredient For Your Soil

When you prepare the soil in the pot, make sure you mix in some great calcium providing nutrients, such as Oyster Shell, and some organic fertilizer.  Mixing in straw mulch will give your palnt that wonderful extra boost when it’s beginning.

Bury the roots and stem in the soil right up to the first branches – the stem below ground will create more roots and give your tomatoes that extra boost. And it’s a good idea to put a good tomato plant cage above it. Your plant might not need the support but it can’t do any harm to give it the choice.

Best Tomato Plants For Pots

It’s also better to choose a tomato plant which doesn’t grow too big to produce great tomatoes. Such as a Russian heirloom tomato plant. Remember that a tomato plant in a pot is limited not only in size but also in the amount of watering it can and will get. You really need a variety with lower water demand to keep them growing strong through those hot summer days.

For the location put them your pot in a place with plenty of sunlight and plenty of rain water. It’s typically going to need at least one inch a week. The best place for any potted tomato plant is a green-house, but don’t worry if you don’t have that luxury. You can grow wonderful tomatoes without one.

Positioning The Pot

Remember that sunlight, oxygen and water are the key to big, healthy, juicy tomatoes. Get your potted plant out in the light, a minimum of 5 hours a day is required by most varieties. If you are putting your pot on a balcony or windowsill be careful that your plant doesn’t get too much direct wind. This can dry the soil quickly and weaken your plant.

Make sure you groom it well, just as with any tomato plant. Cutting down on excess leaves and leaf-branches to make sure all the energy in the plant is going into the fruit branches and your actual tomatoes. This is especially important with tomato pots because they don’t have the garden soil to draw upon for energy and their water consumption can be limited.

But if you follow all these steps there is no reason why you won’t be munching on your own harvest of incredibly delicious tomatoes in 6 to 8 short weeks!

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