Four Great Tomato Growing Tips

Growing your own tomato plants can be an immensely rewarding and enjoyable experience. But there are challenges along the way as you want to get the biggest, most beautiful, juiciest, tastiest tomatoes possible while keeping your plant pest and disease free! Well a great start is to follow these growing tomato tips to make sure your plant is a winner you can be proud of:

Tips Number One:  Grow Tomatoes Not leaves!

This tip is as huge as your tomatoes will be once you put it into action. Day and night your tomato plant is diligently sucking up life-giving nutrients from the soil and water. Don’t let it give half of this energy to its leaves – what a waste! Get out those cutters and trim it down. The less leaves you have on your plant, the more tomato you’ll see.

You might feel like it’s natural or somehow necessary to have leaves covering your plant, and that is simply because you’re used to seeing plants with leaves. But believe me in this case they are completely superfluous. If you want to see more green then get a nice bush in your garden. You want your tomato plant to be 90% Red. Three leaves are all your plants needs.

Your three leaves on each plant should act as solar panels for what little sunlight your plant does need. Keep them at the top of your plant, get rid of the rest.

Tomato Growing Tip Two:  Air, Water & Sunlight.

Your tomato plant depends as much on oxygen and water as sunlight. With this in mind you can understand the tip about trimming those leaves down. A thick layer of protective leaves actually restricts the easy flow of oxygen around the plant and its delicious produce. A constant flow of fresh air is essential, and this flow of air also helps to reduce the chance of leaf rot or fungal infections.

Tip Number Three:  Groom Properly

You may think any old way of grooming your tomato plant is ok, so long as it gets groomed. This is a big and common mistake in thinking! The best way to groom your plant is with your hands, wearing gloves if you need too. The reason for this is that you can get right at the base of those lower branches and break them off cleanly. With a knife you will have lots of little sawn-off limbs sticking out, which will actually grow back even quicker – the same way farmers coppice orchard trees to get the limbs to grow faster and thicker in the long run.

So break them off clean, and break them off right at the base.

Tomato Tip Number Four:  Use Cow Fertilizer

Most fertilizers you buy in garden warehouses these days are from birds, and the problem here is that they are highly acidic in nature. The very best fertilizer you can use on your plant is from cows. And on top of that, make sure it’s from cows that have been organically fed.

Final Super-Tip For Your Tomato Plant:  Rotate Your Crops To Fight Disease

The most frustrating thing in tomato plant-growing is when you lose plants to pests or disease, which can happen all too often and quickly. All the nastiest and most dangerous tomato plant pests and fungal diseases take time to build up in the soil around your plot. And once they have set up home there they are almost impossible to remove! These include the worst of them all – microscopic worms called nematodes. The only way to truly make sure your soil and plants are bug-free is to do good crop rotation, rotating other crops different to tomato plants in  the same soil, year after year. never grow tomatoes after tomatoes after tomatoes – that’s the key.

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